Strike Shooting v1.2.1 Apk Game - Strike Shooting An ExTreme Shooting Game play with cool graphics and smooth shooting terrains. join the cross-platform of the first-person shooter and find out what really meansto be a brave soldier in a cold shooting war. Explore unique maps and find the enemies in order to shoot them all.

The game provide fighting style where you can choose different normal guns or heavy guns for a precise shootout: USP, DEAGLE, M4A1, AK-47, AWP sniper. Find your sniper spot and get ready to meet your adversary. shoot the enemies before they get to close, otherwise you will face a bullet in your head.

Be in control or your own army team and show us that you are ready for this shooting game challenge. Use all your experience that you have get by playing plenty of shooting games and come to fulfill your call of duty. think strategically and become a counter striker expert.

Your gun is set to go out of bullets, so choose wisely your targets and reload anytime you get extra bonuses.
Stay tuned fot brand new updates, different levels of difficulty and extra heavy guns. Go shooting, the call of duty is there for you!
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Strike Shooting v1.2.1 Apk Game

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